Product Line: 
1. STANDARD: Medium Softness x Latex-like Touching x High Ventilation
Just like your nightwear

Special bra materials have been selected and have been used. Now you have not just a simple mattress but a night wear that comfort and fondle your sleep.

2. DRY: Firmness x Moisture Removing x High Ventilation


Fresh air for a new day

The air keeps moving in and out the mattress to let your body breathe day and night. Welcome a new day with a fresh sleep

3. FIT: Soft Touching x Pressure Relieveing x High Ventilation.


Fit from head to toe

Perfectly fit to your body from head to toe like a warm hug from mom. Let’s sleep safely and peacefully.

4. WAVE: Gentle Massage x Latex-like Touching x High Ventilation


Surf in your dreams

Let your mind and your body be relaxed with a massage treatment from Aeroflow Wave. Give yourself a fresh start of a new day!

5.FCloud Pillow: