Rooftop Solar Power

A lot of benefits from renting roofs to make solar power. Contact to more information.

Recruitment M&E Profesional Engineer for big Japan company

A Japanese Construction company need 1 Profesional Engineer in M and/ or E (design, processing...) with Certificated by USA (no need University in USA, if have - better) with 5 years experience. JD: working partime (no need to come company, stay at home, do his/her working in paralel ok), only review - check - sign drawing (revise drawing by client company' staff) in 1 year for 1 project at Japan

Buy a factory in Hung Yen Provine (near TLIP2 is better)

Ecobuy's Japanese partner working on assembling electronic components needs to buy 100% (M&A) a factory (inside or outside the industrial park is ok) with factory area is 2500-3000m2 (or 1500m2 x 2 floors), the remaining time over 25 years is the best, handover time on Oct ~ Dec/2020, financial range 10 ~ 12 billion VND (including expenses fee to name, records ...). Ecobuy's Japanese partner worki

List of projects calling for investment in Da Nang city in 2020-2025

Currently, Danang City is planning to attract investment in some important projects of the city. These are great opportunities for investors. Please contact ECOBUY for more details.

Oct 2019 - Japanese company want to buy Building Cleaning local company

Our Client, Japanese company want to buy 100% of Building cleaning local company. Budget is around 10 Billion vnd (~434,000usd) and change name - renew from 2020 year. Please, contact to for details.

Oct 2019 - M&E Vietnamese contractor want to JV with Japanese company

Our Client - the Mechanical & Electrical sub contractor in sector of Industrial factory, Warehouse, Building...etc. Established in 2009, have office in Hanoi & HCM city, average annual revenue in recently 3 year is 126 Billions vnd (~5.4 Millions usd). Now, they would like to calling investment, specialy from Japanese client in 10~49% of share.

Aug 2019 - Korean Owner want to sell Hotel near Samsung Factory

Our Korean clients want to sell Hotel as information: 114 rooms (90 standard, 20 twin, 2 Junior suite, 2 Suite), until 2063 year. Customers is nearly 80-90% from Korea. Please, contact to for details.

Jun 2019 - Vietnamese Hotel Owner want to sale their 3~4 Star hotel

Information: near Hoang Cau lake, 48 rooms, 7 FL & 2 BL with pool, area 400m2, 30m lenght of frontview, 3~4 stars level, Budget 150B VND (~6.4M USD) all include, 120B VND if non interior. Please, contact to for details. Jul 2019

May 2019 - Korean company want to buy wooden pellet factory

Information: location is in middle of VN, near port for export, have FSC certificate, capacity around 200,000 ton/year. Please contact to for details.

Jun 2019 - Japanese company want to buy/rent 3~4 stars Hotel in Ha Noi/HCM/Da Nang city

Our Japanese Client want to buy / rent (10 years) a 3~4 stars Hotel in Ha Noi / HCM / Da Nang and operate with Japanese's standard by themself. Require: 3~4 stars level, 50~70 rooms, Openning plan in Apr 2020, now set up company in Hanoi.

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