M&A - Investment calling

M&A - Factory in Hai Phong City

Land 2,4Ha, factory 14,000m2, office 250m2, build from 2019, price 90 B vnd (~4M usd)

M&A - Waste to Electric factory - Quang Tri Province - 220B vnd ~ 9.5M usd

Total Land 20Ha Phase 1 9,2Ha Capacity 230ton/day Purpose treatment 110,000ton/year Situtation: inflastructure finished

M&A - Biomass factory - Thanh Hoa Province - 170B vnd ~ 8.0M usd

Land 4,0Ha until 2068, pay one time Capacity 225,000 ton/ year FSC certificate have

M&A - Can Tho province - Seafood factory - 53B vnd or 2,3M usd

Location: Can Tho City, Co Do Ward Land: 50,000m2 until 2036 Factory, office, Frozen warehouse, packing area, worker house... Lega: full Method: JSC company sell

M&A - Thai Nguyen Province - Korean company in Electronic component & coating - 7.7M usd for all or 5.0M usd for Land & factory

Head office: Thai Nguyen Province, in IP Established 2013 Land 10,000m2, Fatory 3,500m2, Cleaning room class 1,000

M&A - Project (Clinic - Hospital - Health care center) at Hoang Mai Ward - Hanoi city - amount: 450B vnd

Land 8,000m2, construction ratio 40%, 12 up floors, GFA 38,000m2, 400 beds. Permitsion: Hospital & hostel service

Investment calling - Local M&E contractor sell up 35% shareholder, DD 250B vnd

Head office at Hanoi, Brach office at HCM Established 2009, Capital 30B vnd Have Class 2 construction Certificate, expired 2030 Have Fire Fighting (PCCC) certificate in Design, Processing, Equipment sell 2018: asset 85B vnd, turnover 211B vnd (2017 182B vnd) 2019: asset 93B vnd, turnover 265B vnd 2020: asset 105B vnd, turnover 297B vnd 2021: confirming

M&A - Project (Clinic - Hospital - Health care center) at Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh Ward, amount: 200B vnd

Land: 2,500m2 (60m x 35m), construction ratio 50%, 5 Up floor (5,600m2) & 2 ground floor (4,100m2), Permision: Health care center

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