M&A - Vaccine & injections manufacturing pharmaceutical in Hanoi

A large pharmaceutical company in Hanoi specializing in manufacturing vaccines and injectable medicine wants to sell 100% of its shares.

M&A - Medical company in Ha Noi City

A mid-range hospital that is working very well in Hanoi wants to sell 100%.

M&A - Gas company in Ho Chi Minh city

A long-established gas company in HCM wants to sell shares. There have been foreign investors buying some shares before.

M&A - Mechanical - Electrical - Construction Company in Ha Noi City

Mechanical - Electrical - Construction company established 15 years ago with headquarters in Hanoi and office in HCM wants to sell up to 58% of the company's shares. Current revenue is 300 billion VND/year with many large partners. There will be a lot of success in the future.

M&A - Logistic company in Ho Chi Minh City

A logistics company with the head office in HCM with 600 employees across Vietnam wants to sell all company shares for 450 billion VND.

M&A - Medical equipment in Ho Chi Minh City

Long-standing company in HCM with 24 years of establishment, specializing in trading all kinds of medical equipment. Want to sell the entire company for 100 billion VND with negotiation. Benefits included: the owner will work for the new company for one year, handing over relationships, handing over the sales team, handing over the technical team, and providing proficient business guidance to part

M&A - Garment company in Nghe An city

Garment company in Nghe An city, established 20 years ago, manpower 8,000 people, total factory area nearly 10 hectares. Sell 100% for 500 billion VND.

M&A - Design and mechanical processing company in HCM City

Large CAD design and mechanical processing company in HCM with more than 13 years of experience, with branches in the US and Japan, charter capital of 35 billion VND, staff of about 250 people. Want to sell 30% shares for 3~5 million USD

M&A - Maintainance Company in Ha Noi City

Joint stock company in Hanoi with M&E maintenance industry, established 9 years, capital 30 billion VND, manpower 30 people wanting to M&A. Revenue more than 100 billion VND, assets more than 10 billion VND. Selling price 200 billion VND (~ 8 million USD)

M&A - Lab in Ho Chi Minh City

One lab in HCM city, established 13 years ago, is still operating well. Has VIMCERT, ILAC and VILLAS certifications. Want to sell 100% for 30-50 billion VND.

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